UEFA Women's Futsal EURO 2019: full guide

The first UEFA Women's Futsal EURO leads to a four-team knockout final tournament in mid-February 2019 hosted by one of the qualifiers.

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The first UEFA Women's Futsal EURO final tournament will be a four-team knockout event in mid-February 2019.

  • The finalists will be the winners of the four main round groups in September.
  • One of the finalists will be picked as hosts.
  • The semi-finals will be on 14 or 15 February.
  • The final and third-place play-off will be two days after the semis.


Draw: 5 July

Preliminary round draw: 21–26 August

Group A: Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Northern Ireland (hosts)

Group B: Slovakia, Finland, Lithuania (hosts)

Group C: Belarus, Moldova (hosts), Armenia

  • The three group winners progress to the main round to join the 13 teams given byes

Main round: 11–16 September

Group 1: Spain (hosts), Italy, Romania, Poland

Group 2: Russia, Slovenia, Croatia (hosts), Winner preliminary round Group A

Group 3: Kazakhstan, Ukraine (hosts), Hungary, Winner preliminary round Group C

Group 4: Portugal (hosts), Serbia, Czech Republic, Winner preliminary round Group B

  • The four group winners progress to February's knockout finals, hosted by one of the qualifiers


Qualifying draw: 5 July, Nyon
Preliminary round: 21–26 August
Main round: 11–16 September
Finals draw: tbc
Final tournament: 14 or 15 & 16 or 17 February


Download the official competition regulations